Isabelle Boulogne

UA / U. Rouen
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TRAMIL contributions

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Publications contributions

Medicinal plant knowledge in Caribbean Basin: a comparative study of Afrocaribbean, Amerindian and Mestizo communities.

Wendy Torres-Avilez, M. Méndez-González, R. Durán, Isabelle Boulogne, Lionel Germosén-Robineau

TRAMIL ethnomedicinal survey in Jamaica.

David Picking, Rupika Delgoda, Novie Younger, Lionel Germosén-Robineau, Isabelle Boulogne, Sylvia Mitchell

TRAMIL ethnopharmacological survey in Les Saintes (Guadeloupe, French West Indies) : A comparative study

Isabelle Boulogne, Lionel Germosén-Robineau, Harry Ozier-Lafontaine, Marie Fleury, Gladys Loranger-Merciris
2011, pp. 1039-1050